About Prime Corporation

Prime Corporation is manufacturer, exporter & importer of Air Compressors & Spare Parts. We are manufacturer and exporter of " Prime Air " air compressors. We are manufacturing industrial rotary screw air compressors, industrial two stage air compressors, industrial high pressure compressors, industrial vacuum pumps, water cooled heavy duty air compressors. We are manufacturing air compressors from 1 HP to 60 HP (LUB & NON LUB). We are manufacturing air compressors from 100 PSIG to 1000 PSIG.

We are manufacturing replacement compressor blocks and replacement air compressor parts for models: 234, 242, 253, 71T2, 15T, 25T2, 2340, 2475, 2545,7100, 3000, 231, 251, 7T2, 7T4, 15T2, V235, V244, V255, 7V, 15V )

We are dealing in replacement spare parts & all overhual kits ( Tune-up Kits ) of Type-30, Type-40, ESV, ESH, IHE, GA Series, GX Series, XA Series, ZA Series, ZT Series, ZH Series

We are one of the leading exporter of air compressors and parts. We exports our quality products in United states of america, Canada, South America, South Africa ,United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Iran, Australia, New Zealand & Many other countries.

Note: Prime Corporation is an independent supplier of OEM quality replacement products and accessories and is not associated in any way with any of the OEM referenced within. Part Numbers listed are for reference only. All OEM Trademark or registered trademark of each respective manufacturers.